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#4 Cone

A classic favorite. Emits shower of silver sparks to crackles over 2.6 meters high for 28 seconds

#8 Cones

Three varieties of a #8 size cone. Multi-color, Crackle, and Silver.

Best in Show

A fan effect sprays multi-color droplets and spider flowers and then erupts to brilliant yellow and blue crackling and an ending that will leave you speechless!

Bright Star

This star-shaped fountain starts off with green strobes and red pearls shooting out of the top. Then the sides light up forming a fan of gold-fountain and red/blue pearls. The fan continues with shimmering golden willows leading up to a bright multi-colored crackling finale.


This futuristic fountain starts with tons of Chrysanthemums which give way to massive titanium crackling. Then WATCH OUT as the sideways thrusters kick into overdrive. The entire fountain starts to spin at speeds that will make your knees buckle. Centrifuge ends with dizzying showers of sparks shooting in all directions.

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