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Black Jack

Four candles in one pack, each with a different effect. 1. Gold palm tails and chrysanthemum. 2. Silver palm tails and chrysanthemum. 3. Silver glittering willows and silver glitter. 4. Lemon palm tails and red pearls.

Candle Mania

Cracklin Candles

10 super crackling balls. Great Crackling tails and awesome reports.

Flashing Thunder

10 ball roman candle with a great white flash and extremely loud reports!

Neon Rain

Meet Great Grizzly's most colorful new addition for 2015, with 196 shots of any color you can think of it doesn't get any more high definition than this.  Colorful pearls will pierce the night sky at a fast pace leaving the spectators begging for more, more, more!!!

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