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Artillery Shells


This kit has executed the old Excalibur shells. Pyro Planet provides Superior color and performance. If your used to the old standard you should definitely give these a try. 24 - 3" canister shells.

999 Nuggets

999 Nuggets features 42 different shells with 60 powerful breaks. 12 single break ball shells, 12 single break canister shells, 6 double break shells, 6 heavy load cylinder shells, and  6 triple break shells. Stop in and watch our video of the entire show. Amazing designs that will get all kinds of Oohhs and Ahhhs. 

Bullseye Shells

This 12 pack kit features 12 shells with very loud and colorful breaks. A strong lift charge provides great elevation for a spectacular view from almost anywhere.

The Griz

The Griz is a 12 pack shell that features a huge tiger tail on each shell and its followed by a loud and colorful break high inthe sky.

Snake Eyes

24 pack of 3 inch shells. 12 different effects with very load reports. Silver glitter willow; chrysanthemum to red; Gold willow & blue peony; Purple peony & silver glitter; Yellow wave crackling; Red green peony; Red peony silver glitter; Red wave; Green peony crackling; Tail silver chrysanthemum; Green fall leaves; silver wave

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