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500 Gram Cakes


​​This 18 Shot 500 Gram cake features large dual effect breaks. It starts out with 8 consecutive shots of red to green and then green to red color changing peonies framed by a large spread of white strobes. Next, a volley of bright red horsetails scatters across the sky before transitioning to a large finale of yellow, red, and green peonies with gold chrysanthemum crackling and white strobe.

After Hours

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Air Boss

Features 37 shots of Zigzag whistling tails effect and has a huge finale that will white out the sky with a double break crackling Finish!

American Series

These 4 varieties feature triple layer fan effects including mines, comets, and huge breaks on top.  Each cake shoots 5 sets of 5 shot fans for a total of 25 shots. 

Beast Mode

This is a Premium item form Great Grizzly. Its 24 shots all with mammoth multi-color Tiger Tails and superb palm trees topping out each shell!  

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